Photographs and Narratives Capturing Spirit of Place

New Cardsets

I offer boxes of themed Greeting Cards, six to a box, all different images. Most of them can be found on the 3 Hearts Website:, but I have a few new ones that have not yet been published there, that are now included here. They are a great way to get several images for not so much money, they can be framed, and besides, isn’t it just nice to have the perfect card to make somebody’s day? Cardsets are priced at $20 per box of six.


HORSES, BURROS, DONKEYS AND MULES (revised Critters) ~ I really don’t define myself as an animal photographer, but every once in a while, they just show up, and it’s impossible to say No.

Another Donkey Mountain Majesty Card SizeCapitan Horse card size




Oatman Baby

Donkey Love card size finalYin Yang Burros - Card Size



NATURES ABSTRACTS ~ I generally shy away from the huge landscapes, mostly because there are just so many photographers doing them, and one can have only so many calendar shots. Instead I am drawn into the small images within the grand scope of things, and there is where I find the story.

Rock Torso

Slice of Life CardsizeHand of Light





Broken Hearts card size

Tumbling Squares CardsizeYYWaterfall at Matkat Cardsize






SOME BESTS OF THE WEST ~ The Southwest is my favorite of places to roam around. Nothing short of Magic is around most every bend. It’s hard to pick six shots to capture the flavor of such an incredible array of sights. But here’s my attempt. So many more contenders….

Highway 12Yellow LineTree of Light

Cowhead Cactus

Bryce Canyon Contrasts







Pecos River High Bridge



BISBEE ARCHITECTURAL ~ Bisbee has changed a lot since my first ramblings. There could be another study on all the funky art that’s moved in, but I stuck with the architecture that defines the character of the town. And the colors….oh the colors.

Bisbee Arch Sky Arrow Bisbee Arch Blue Sky Stripe Card SizeBisbee Arch Lighted Bricks





Bisbee Arch Lines and ShadowsBisbee Arch Yellow 3's

Bisbee Arch The Magic Stairway



McLEAN, TEXAS ~ OLD ROUTE 66 ~ Way too much fun for a rust and falldown down aficionado. Hardly scratched the surface here.

McLean Pump

Black and White and Brown All OverFire from the Earth McLean





Just a Little Bit Crazy

Orange and Blue McLeanThrough a Window...Not



RUST I (revised, Cars) ~ Nothing better than an array of rusty old cars and trucks to get this girl’s heart beating.

Breakout card size

Grille of My Dreams





Blue Flash card size

Blue Heart card size



RUST II (revised, Abstracts) ~ And nothing much better than rust to provide both contemporary and rustic abstracts.

Rivers of Rust card size

It's a Bird, It's a TrainIn the Beginning card size





Rusty Dancers

In Another UniverseThe Happy Whale






EVE’S GARDEN ~ The most sumptuous of Bed and Breakfast experiences under the endless skies of West Texas. Full of color, shapes, texture and ART! Don’t miss a chance to spend some time in an incredible setting, with personable and talented hosts, and the best breakfast in the Big Bend.

Please see the first set of Eve’s Garden cards at


Have an Apple?

Just Another ChairTaking the Waters




PiRDoor Cardsize

ThruArchIntoBlue CardsizeRed Chair Cardsize







Little Star on HighArt Plant Card SizeCat at a Cool Blue Pool Cardsize

Queenie's Courtyard at Eve's Garden Cardsize

The Heart of the Garden Card SizeEve's Garden Gold




UTAH SAND PATTERNS ~ I love Utah, and that’s all I need to say. Here are the little patterns within the bold landscapes, all showing just a few inches of wonder.

Utah Rock Card Size #1

Orange Rock Circles #3







Utah sand #6 card size

CR Rings #4

Utah Sand #2







Utah Sand #5




STITCH ~ Yes, he’s mine, by way of a convoluted history. He’s easily the most photogenic cat to ever cross my path. I probably have three cardsets of this incredible creature, but I started with one. You know what they say about cat people.

Sleep Stitch Stitch EyesStitch Deck Swing




Stitch Shadow Study Sun StitchStitch Afghan



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  1. Lisa Wright

    Beautiful, Alexa, just beautiful.

    October 25, 2014 at 4:34 pm

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