Photographs and Narratives Capturing Spirit of Place


These galleries are intended to be an addition to my website: Until I get 3 Hearts updated, all my newer images will be displayed here, but please check there for a great amount of my sometimes “early” work. There’s a lot of good stuff to be found, and many stories.



Utah is my favorite travel state. Period. Yes, I love New Mexico, West Texas, Arizona, and even the places I haven’t made it to yet, but Utah has everything that makes my heart beat and my spirit soar. And when the aspens turn in the High Country….bliss. And the SlickRock? More bliss. And Highway 12….don’t get me started.


In the Shadows of the Aspens

“In the Shadow of the Aspens”


 Blue Aspens“Blue Aspens” ~ In the glorious days of fall on Highway 12, Utah


WEST TEXAS, BIG BEND (into Mexico)

Evening Layers at Boquillas

“Boquillas Blue”


Last Light on the Carmens

“Last Light on the Carmens” –  Boquillas, Mexico


ARCHITECTURAL (Windows. Doors, Stairways and the Like)

Winter Window WFS FINAL print

 “Winter Window Reflecting Spring” – La Pasada Hotel, Winslow, Arizona




Agave Ice FINAL

 “Agave Ice”




McLean is a smallish bump in the road in the panhandle of Texas, mostly flatlands, but still beautiful in its own way in certain times and conditions. Beyond that, it is a treasure trove of rust and stuff, definitely some of my favorite things. Once upon a time it was better known as a stop on old Route 66, the Mother Road of the nation. Time has stood still here for years, and entropy has had its way with most of the town. Here are but a few vignettes of what was, and still is, if only in memories. What a gold mine.


McLean Pump

Gas was 33.9 the last time this pump saw action.


Through a Window...Not

“Through a Window…Not” ~ Another piece of times no longer found in McLean.


Just a Little Bit Crazy

“Just a Little Bit Crazy” ~ Madness in McLean. And I had to take this down a bit because there was just too much crazy to stand.

 Orange and Blue McLean

“Textures in Orange and Blue” ~ It simply is what it is.


Black and White and Brown All Over

“Black and White and Brown All Over”


Fire from the Earth McLean

“Fire from the Earth”




Sometimes there are those images that just stand on their own. That would be these.


Glass Houses in the Forest

“Glass Houses in the Forest” ~ Technically West Texas, but you’d be hard pressed to know why. Meantime, enjoy the abstract.


Cowhead Cactus

“Cowhead Cactus” ~ Things are indeed magical in West Texas. Maybe not this magical, but with a little inspiration and time under the stars…magic happens.



The Smile “The Smile”

Chief Pontiac

“Chief Pontiac”

Peacock Eyes

“Magic in Your Eyes”


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