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Whilst moving on….

Welcome. You are probably finding yourself here while you were looking for the 3 Hearts Ranch site. Not to worry, it’s right where you’re supposed to be. I have finally found the right website artist to reconstruct the vastly overblown and out of date original 3 Hearts site, and this one was always intended as a bandaid. Come January, we’ll be working at putting together a sleek and beautiful site that will work well, and I will learn enough to update it on my own. I’ve more than learned what happens when you put all those eggs in one basket, and then your basket decides to go its own way.

Meantime I will add more of the current images for you to peruse when I get some quiet moments between now and the end of the year. Any questions, please give me a call or email me. My contact information is still the same.

See you in 2016, all new and fluffed.